KC is my pride and joy, but I can no longer provide what she needs at this moment.I rescued her from a bad situation with a bird collector, so I will not be giving her to a person with tons of other large birds! She will need a home where she can be the only parrot, or the other parrot in a two parrot home. She's very special to me, so I must know she will be taken care of in her forever home.
KC before we got her plucked her feathers a bit on her chest, so I would prefer her go to someone that knows all about stress plucking.
She can be very loud, so she will not be going to someone in an apartment!
She does talk a little, she can say "hello, hi, hi guy," and I think shes working on pretty parrot. But she is not a trophy talking bird, so dont even think about her if you want to leave her alone in a cage.
She is 6 years old, and can live for another 40 years so be sure you do your research about the demands of these beautiful birds! She is said to be female, HOWEVER, she has never been DNA'd female, so I have no clue if she actually is. She loves women, and can like men as well. She steps up well once she knows you, and loves her baths.
She needs a home where she can be with you, and socialized well.
Please contact for more information about KC.